About ECI

Employer Consultancy, Inc.

82 Main Street 2nd Floor

Flemington, NJ 08822

(908) 806-3444


Employer Consultancy, Inc. is a Talent Management Consulting firm whose mission is to help organizations hire, manage and develop top performers at all levels. In addition to having an industry-leading assessment tool, The ECI Behavioral Insight, ECI provides a wide-range of human capital solutions, including competency-based systems, tools, and consulting services designed to drive greater individual and organizational results.

ECI’s customers include both Fortune 500 organizations and small independent businesses in a variety of industries.

Call us at (908) 806-3444 for a complimentary consultation on strategies that ECI can help you institute to increase your people’s and your organization’s performance.

Like to send us a message? email us here at by clicking on this link: info@employerconsultancy.com

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